CPR - Cell Phone Repair
CPR - Cell Phone Repair
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Board Repair and Microsoldering Services

Mistakes happen to everyone!  Did you damage a customer’s device during repair and need assistance to get it back to normal?

Did you try and repair your own device and seemed to have made matters worse?  Have you been told your device is unfixable or beyond repair?  

We’re here for you.  Using the latest microsoldering equipment and methods we have the experience and knowledge to fix most board level issues such as;
No touch or partial touch
No LCD/LED display
No backlight
No power
No service
No wifi
No sound
No camera
Not charging
Damaged FPC connectors
Missing chips from knockoffs
Trace repair 
Soldered charge ports
Liquid damage 
Plus more

We offer free estimates and diagnostic service.  Please keep in mind while most issues are repairable, there are situations where the repair is cost prohibitive, no repair offered or the issue is too vast to repair successfully.  There’s no fee if this happens and you can choose to either have us recycle the device or pay $10 (USPS within the US) to mail the device back.  

Microsoldering and board level repairs come with a 6 month warranty (90 days for direct soldered charge ports).  We require the device to be mailed back for warranty verification.  The warranty is voided if there are new signs of physical damage.  This includes, but not limited to, liquid damage, modifications, 3rd party board repairs and subsequent board damage or software related issues.  

Remember, we are here to help!  We’re part of the world’s largest cell phone repair franchise and are dedicated to turning the unrepairable to the repairable.  

It’s recommended to send a free estimate request and receive a response from us before printing, completing and mailing the device.  This will give us a starting point to work from.  

Please include any passcodes.  We must be able to perform a pre repair test and post repair test in order to offer the 6 month warranty (60 days for direct soldered charge ports).  
Please make sure your information is clearly legible on the printable customer data sheet.  This will help avoid any unnecessary delays.   

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